Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1 Photo a Day...Why?

I am forever a student. It makes me happy to learn things. And I have a new hobby...photography. I got a new camera - a Canon T2i - and I love it. You can just point and "Click" but there are some really neat things you can do with it as well. So I thought "Why not try to take 1 Photo a Day?" and in the process I will learn...and I'll share what I learn with you. The goal of one photo a day is not literal...its more like try to pick up the camera at least once a day. Once you pick it up, you might be inspired to take more photos. I've learned a ton already, so I'm going to break it up into separate blog posts. While I will be aiming to TAKE at least 1 Photo a Day (and you should too) my goal is to blog once a week. After all it could take a week (or more) to master what we're learning. So come with me and we'll learn together...

- 1 Photo a Day....makes me happy (and a better photographer) Bonnie McCaffery (always a student)

It's All About the Crop

We always keep the camera handy ready to capture any moments we can with the kids...after all those moments fly by.

Cade and Levi were playing at the window. I only took a couple shots. Here is one I almost tossed because Levi was out of focus. And then I spotted Cade...

I cropped it and sharpened it in my PS Express app on my ipad. Now I LOVE this shot.

Lesson - look carefully at your photos before you delete them...you just never know..... Feel free to post some photos to the Flickr group. Here's the info Flickr group - 1 Photo A Day ... With Bonnie McCaffery - http://www.flickr.com/groups/1photoadaywithbonnie/ You upload photos to your Flickr account and when you're in the 1photoaday Group page, that's where you select which of your Flickr photos to post to the group. - 1 Photo a Day....makes me happy (and a better photographer) Bonnie McCaffery (always a student)