Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Close, Closer, Closer...

Sometimes I just like to buy myself a bouquet of flowers - it's for homework, right?

I put on my favorite lens (my Canon 100mm f2.8L Is Macro) and my tripod which is critical if your going to take sharp closeup photos. I started with an average shot - it's pretty with the different colors of flowers. But then I went in a little closer....nice.
Then I popped a 250D Closeup Lens on my Macro lens...which meant I could get even closer. It's kinda like a magnifying glass for the camera lens.
And I just kept going...closer...and closer.
I shifted my lens ever so slightly to eliminate the center of the flower. Which do you think is the better shot?
Lesson - Buy yourself a homework assignment of flowers and play with some closeup shots.

- 1 Photo a Day....makes me happy (and a better photographer) Bonnie McCaffery (always a student)
Here's links to the equipment I used.


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  1. I want that lens!! You have been creating some outright magical macro shots lately, mind boggling. I wonder if this was the lens you used? Of course, having great tools in your bag a great photographer does not always make. It's the vision for what you want to create, using the perfect angle, distanc & judgement. Then choosing what lens will assist to acheive youe vision, that's where the art comes, that out of the ordinary "oh,that's nice" photo.