Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Me, My Honey, and My Tripod

The Little Shohola
I was running the day before and saw the beautiful morning light near our local stream and I wanted to go take photos the next morning. I love being with my husband so since he was home that morning I didn't want to loose our morning time together. I suggested we go to the stream. He could fish and I could take photos.
My honey fishing
The morning light was gorgeous and we were lucky enough to catch several Cedar Waxwings flying about. I have learned that my tripod is essential for a good clear shot. So I planted the tripod with the camera firmly attached. Everytime the Waxwings perched, I would try and swing the tripod head into place - and off they'd fly. I kept missing the shot. My Canon 70-200 f4.0L IS zoomed to 200mm doesn't leave much space to miss. Don't get me wrong, it is a super lens and I love it. But zoomed in like that, you gotta be pretty much on target.
Where the Cedar Waxwing had been...
only I wasn't quick enough. Next time.

I did finally get one, but wished I was closer.
This is very cropped...Next Time
So here is what I figured out... loosen everything up so the tripod head is free to move EASILY. This way when the Waxwing was perched, I could quickly swing the camera into position.  The left photo is the branch where the Waxwing had been and I missed it (it would have been an awesome setting). The below right photo is a very cropped version of my best shot of the Waxwing for the morning. I plan on going back and getting that perfect shot - I know where to stand now and how to set up my tripod...

One shot of daisies I did get that I like.
Lesson - Loosen up the tripod head for fast tracking while trying to take bird photos.

- 1 Photo a Day....makes me happy (and a better photographer) Bonnie McCaffery (always a student)
Here's links to the equipment I used.

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