Saturday, April 14, 2012

Did you take 1 photo a day?

I should walk every day, but do you know what stops me from doing it? I'd have to change my shoes. Yup. I'm a lazy girl. So now I try to put my sneakers on when I get dressed.

To commit to taking 1 photo a day, you have to have your camera out and ready with the battery charged or a spare one nearby. While the commitment is 1 Photo a Day, once you pick up the camera you might be inclined to take a few more. And that's the take photos and learn as you go.

Several people have said they would like to go on this discovery journey with me. I will post an assignment each week. So sometime during the week think about this while you're taking your photos. These don't have to be the only photos you take, but at least think about the assignment once when you have the camera in hand (or not, the choice is yours, ha, ha). I'll set up a Flickr Group so we can share our photos. It will be a place to post your best photo of the week (1-3 photos a week). This way the group photos will be our best and we won't be flipping thru a bunch of "pretty goods". BTW "best" just means your best photo that week. None of us are pros, so they might not be perfect. But they should be worth sharing. ASSIGNMENT - this one will be an easy one (or maybe not). Take 1 Photo a Day. Pick your best shot for the week and post it to Flickr. Ok, there is a second part of the're going to have to sign up for our Flickr group. Flickr group - 1 Photo A Day ... With Bonnie McCaffery - I'm new to groups, so be patient with me. Any challenges, send me an email at bonnie@bonniemccaffery. I'm on the road a bit, so it could take a couple days to answer. Thanks for joining me. We're going to have a good time and learn along the way. - 1 Photo a Day....makes me happy (and a better photographer) Bonnie McCaffery (always a student)


  1. Here the Flickr group link where you can post your photos.

  2. How about 10 photos a day? I am click, click clicking everywhere,would you believe I actually took pictures of a wooden hummingbird on a wind chime? Not so good LOL. This so is much fun. Thanks for the great idea Bonnie.