Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Light, Medium, or Dark - Bracketing

I had a day off between teaching in Connecticut so I decided to just go for a ride and see what's could find to photograph. I drove awhile before seeing a little side street to the water - I love the water. At the end of the road, there they were...hundreds of swans. They were bathing, preening, swimming ...and offering me a perfect opportunity to play with my camera. I had a ball taking a ton of photos (isn't digital amazing? Just toss the photos that aren't good.)

I played with the Exposure Bracketing (called Exposure Comp. on my camera) on my camera...this lets you take 3 photos with 3 different exposure settings (one of them is bound to be good). I found it was a good idea to change from Single Shooting to Continuous Shooting so the camera would take 3 photos in a row.

The Lessons -
1. Just go for a ride and see where it leads just never know where the photo ops will be...
2. Play with the Exposure Comp. (AEB) settings on the camera.

 - 1 Photo a Day....makes me happy (and a better photographer) Bonnie McCaffery (always a student)

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